Partituras por Internet | Partituras en PDF for you are the backbone of our business which is why we do our best to keep you happy with your purchase. Our return policy is flexible enough money, but we have some conditions for the return of money and these vary depending on the item purchased and the reasons for which a refund is requested.


You must understand that the deadline for requesting a refund is 7 days after purchase.


Refunds will be made through the payment method used to make the purchase of the article on our website, but also sometimes considered necessary will be made through coupons which may be identical or not the value of the purchase .


There will be some cases where we can not accept requests for refunds or coupons:


  • Products which have been paid through the payment method Efecty and/or Via Baloto
    We can not offer refunds if you use this method of payment because for us it is very difficult to make such returns, but if we see that it is convenient for both sides we can make a discount coupon for the full value of your purchase on our website .

  • The products that the customer changes his mind about them.

  • The products that were bought by mistake
    If you have purchased an item by mistake you can receive a discount coupon for the full value of your purchase, in these cases will be taken into account if you have not downloaded or article from our servers.

  • Items received after a certain date and they needed before. unless they were previously aware of the parameters of time and according to them.

In Partituras por Internet | Partituras en PDF we are always willing to discuss any situation, so please contact us or call us and we will gladly refund authorized to approve, or to discuss any situation/problem a customer may have.


Partituras por Internet | Partituras en PDF reserves to make or refunds, rebates or coupons to users who abuse this resource. Partituras por Internet | Partituras en PDF has the freedom to decide to whom users can continue to make purchases on our websites.